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product to a genuine one

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The youVerify smartphone app helps online sellers
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Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping

What does youVerify do?

For online Sellers

youVerify takes the information you provide about yourself and the product that you are selling, and creates a detailed report and unique rating that allows buyers to see why they should buy from you. Post links to this report in your sales advert on any sales or auction platform worldwide, and draw attention to yourself simply and easily... and for free. Using youVerify helps you to gain buyers trust fast. It's Smarter Selling.

For online Buyers

youVerify presents online buyers with more information than ever before about the person they are dealing with, and product they are considering buying. Our detailed youVerify report and unique rating allows you to shop with more confidence by making more informed purchasing decisions.

Request that the seller uses the youVerify app and sends you the link to their own report before you consider buying from them. It's Safer Shopping.

How does youVerify work?

Online Sellers

Download the iPhone App
Create an Account
Photograph your product
Post your youVerify Report with your advert

Online Buyers

Send a message to the Seller
youVerify before you buy!

Why use youVerify?

Online Sellers

You are selling a great product - but you have a lot of competition too. On top of this online marketplaces can be dangerously anonymous leading to nervous buyers. With youVerify you can quickly prove that you and the products you are selling are real, and draw attention to them in one easy move.

Online Buyers

There are more good sellers out there than bad sellers - but judging them takes time and is becoming harder to do. youVerify can help by doing the hard work for you by presenting the product details you really need in a quick and easy to read report.

"The youVerify Report was very useful for me" - eBay buyer
"I found youVerify very useful, thanks" - eBay buyer